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We trade salvage titles for cash all day. We can do a title loan on your salvage car, truck, or van. We give title loans based on 50% of the appraised value of your vehicle. In order to qualify for a salvage title loan you have to prove a minimum income of $1,500 per month. This can be met with a co-signor if you can not prove it. Also, you can not have an open bankruptcy. No Prepayment penalties on out loans.

The quicker the loan is paid, the less interest owed, and we only charge interest on the remaining balance, just like a regular car loan. We report to all credit bureaus, and it shows as an open auto loan, so once paid, will be a good mark on your credit.


Salvage Titles For Cash Did you know that you get to keep your vehicle while paying off the loan? That’s right. You don’t have to leave it with us like a pawn shop. These loans are short term high interest loans so it would be in the borrowers best interest to pay the title loan off as soon as possible.





With the current state of the economy car title loans also known as u drive loans are becoming more and more popular for those in need of quick cash. We are one of the few title loan companies in California that provide salvage title loans. If you are ready to apply for a vehicle title loan fill out our title loan application and we will get back to you asap. We don’t only serve California. We do salvage title loans in Utah, New Mexico, Georgia, South Carolina. Come bring us your salvage titles for cash today! Short term high interest loans used for emergencies like home repairs, funerals, surgery, etc.


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