P420 Catalytic Converter Code On Nissan Products Is Costly And Dangerous

P420 Catalytic Converter Code On Nissan

The code p420 means most of the time that you have a bad catalytic converter. The code reads “catalyst efficiency below threshold.”

P420 Catalytic Converter Code On Nissan Products

If you are thinking about buying a Nissan Product and you see this

P420 Catalytic Converter Code

you are looking at about a $700 repair at least.

Catalytic Converters for Nissan’s are Dealer Only items and are very expensive

The catalytic converters alone are around $700 not including the labor to install it.

These catalytic converters are attached to the exhaust manifold. If you are thinking about buying a used Nissan, scan the vehicle first and look for this code P420. Don’t buy the car if this code is on unless you want to spend a lot of money.

Check the monitors on a Nissan to see if the check engine light was reset.

Sometimes people temporarily turn off the check engine light, drive the vehicle to clear the monitors and then smog it. Sometimes this works. Then, after you buy the car the code pops back on and you are screwed.

I never buy a Nissan car without first checking to see if this code is pending. You can also tell if the check engine light was recently turned off buy check the monitors. If there are several incomplete monitors the check engine light has been recently turned off and the car hasn’t been driven enough to reset the monitors.

Don’t drive around in a Nissan with a P420 Catalytic Converter Code

Don’t drive around too long in a Nissan car if this code is on. I had bought a 2001 Nissan Maxima at an auction with this P420 Catalytic Converter Code. I didn’t take care of it and was using the car as a daily driver. The catalytic converter was clogged and it got so hot that the car caught on fire. Luckily I wasn’t in it. Don’t say you weren’t warned about Nissan’s and their catalytic converters.

Not only are they costly but you can also put your life in danger. If you have a car with P420 Code and you can’t smog it we buy cars for cash. We also sell cars and we will take your car in for trade.





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