How to do an out of state title transfer to register a car in California

out of state title transfer

out of state title transfer ca

Things are a little different when you are registering a vehicle in California and the title to your vehicle is out of state. The main difference is you have to get a vin verification done on the vehicle. The vin number has to be verified. The mileage also has to be verified. The vin verification form is called a reg 31

dmv vin verification

You can get a vin verification done at the dmv for free or you can have a vehicle registration service do it for you for a small fee. It’s inexpensive and beats waiting around the dmv for somebody to come out and help you. The vin verification is done in the same area as the drivers license test. You pull your vehicle up and push a button. A DMV representative comes out and checks the vin number. This video will give you an idea of where you have to go.



The out of state title must be in your possession. When you get to the DMV you will have to fill out REG 343. This is the application for California title and registration.

smog check ca

Finally, you will need to get a smog inspection. There are smog check stations everywhere in California. Do a google search for smog check near me. The results of the inspection are sent to the DMV electronically. Whether your vehicle passes or fails the smog station will give you a print out of the car’s smog check results. If the car passes great. If it fails you’ll have to find out why and get your car fixed so that you can come back for the retest.

out of state title transfer

So remember, the four important things you will need to register your out of state vehicle in California are:

Out of state title

REG 31 Vin Verification Form

REG 343 Application for Title and Registration

Passing Smog Check

Take your paperwork to the DMV and Voila! Your car is now registered in California. Brand new California license plates will come with your registration.