I need a title because I lost it and want to sell my car

This happens all the time. People don’t know the importance of keeping their car title in a safe place. They can’t find it, and all of a sudden they say to themselves “I need a title.”

Ladies and gentleman you lost your title. Do you remember what it looks like? This is what a California title looks like:

i need a title
I need a title


You need this document to apply for a car title loan online or sell your vehicle. Myself being a used car dealer in California sometimes buy vehicles with duplicate titles. Many people do not like buying cars with duplicate titles but when you’ve lost the title this is a convenient thing to do. the problem is many title loan companies will not accept a duplicate title. If you try to run your car through an auction they will not accept a duplicate title. Most importantly if you try to register a vehicle out of state with a duplicate title it will not work.

What do I do in these cases? I go to the DMV, and apply for a title only. Schedule an appointment at the DMV, and tell them you want to apply for a title only. They will send you another title in the mail. If you think in the may future that you will apply for a car title loan online  or want to sell your vehicle apply for the title only to avoid any problems in the future. Gap Insurance Training


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