How Title Loans Work

If you own your vehicle now, we can help. How Title Loans Work is you’re putting up your vehicle as collateral to receive the loan. The collateral can be anything with a title. Coupe, Truck, Van, Sedan, Convertible, Wagon, Hatchback. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is old, new, luxury, commercial, you can borrow against it.

Title Loans are pretty easy, and fast loans to get. They’re usually used for emergency’s but not in all cases.

Here are some examples of an unexpected occurrence where a title loan might come in handy.

  • To repair unexpected damage to your house. A leaky roof or a plumbing issue. Mold problem, water damage.
  • You may need bail money
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Medical Bills
  • Rent
  • Electric Bills, gas bills, phone bills, cable bills, you need to pay off your creditors quickly so your service wont get shut down.

Most title loans are easy to get regardless of having bad or no credit history. You will have to show proof of income when getting a title loan. If you are employed you will have to provide pay stubs.

If you are on disability, SSI, or get cash some other way, you will have to bring bank statements. You will also have to bring in a Government issued I.D. along with a piece of mail with your name, and address on it.

In most cases the vehicle has to be free of any liens. The lender then takes the title, and puts themselves as the lien holder on the vehicle. Once the loan is paid off the lender releases interest in the vehicle. Pretty simple straightforward process.

One of the benefits to title loans is you get to use your vehicle while you are paying off the loan. This is especially good if you’re for an example a delivery driver, or construction worker. This works out perfectly for Uber or Lyft drivers!

Now that you now how title loans work, and you’re ready or interested in getting one, go ahead and fill out our online application with some basic details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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