Best Drunk Food To Eat After A Long Night Of Drinking

drinking food

It’s anywhere from midnight to 2 am. You’ve been drinking for quite a while. You exit the bar with your friends and what’s always the first thing that comes to mind? I’m hungry.

It’s late at night though and their aren’t too many options. Option number one:

1)Greasy Sausage Sandwich:

I remember coming out of bars or nightclubs in my drinking days and seeing that guy cooking those greasy sausages on the street. Along with the sizzling sausage is peppers and onions. I like sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions in a roll but after drinking for hours I really love it! It’s usually not my first call but If I’m really starving, I’ll do it.

2)Jack in the box:

Most of the time, when I was at Jack in the Box late at night I’d eat super tacos but ONLY when drunk. They tasted really good but what’s the meat? It doesn’t even seem like meat, It’s like some kind of meat paste. Ugh!

3)Mcdonalds: French Fries are a great drunken food. You shove a big hand full in your mouth and you miss a few which slip in the cracks on the side of the seat in the car. These old french fries are discovered later when cleaning your car. How about a burger or chicken mcnuggets with those fries? A burger is always good when you are drunk. Don’t forget to spill some ketchup on your shirt while you are at it.

4)Chicken Wings: Luckily if you get out of the bar by 11:30 pm you’ll be able to hit Wingstop which closes at midnight. One good thing about Wingstop is you can get celery sticks as your side instead of french fries. If you are eating vegetables with your chicken wings at least you don’t have to feel “completely” guilty the next day while resting your hangover.

5)Taco Bell: I would order at least five tacos and would need at least two hot sauces per taco. I may even throw in a bean and cheese burrito or nachos and if I was feeling really crazy, I would sometimes add some cinnamon twists. But like Jack in the Box, the Taco Bell meat is strange but only when sober. When drunk who cares?

The bottom line is, we are talking junk food. You can’t buy anything healthy late at night and who wants to eat healthy when they are drunk?

Pizza would be perfect but after midnight it’s too late to get pizza. Pizza used to be my number one go to for munchies when you are stoned. You could always get snacks at 7/11 but snacks don’t really satisfy the drunken food craving. You need to eat a meal. If you are really in the mood for pizza you can get it at 7/11 but I wouldn’t eat it. It doesn’t look very appetizing unless you are drunk and very hungry. In a nutshell I would always settle for food when drunk that I wouldn’t eat when I was sober. The same goes for women.

What foods am I missing here? Please comment on what you think is the best drunk food.