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Tucson AZ Title Loan

Auto title loans in Tucson AZ are available. Tucson auto title loans are short term high interest loans. The title must be free and cleat of liens. You must own the vehicle outright in order to get the loan. Your vehicle will act as the collateral in the loan. This is known as a secured loan.

Title Loans Tucson Arizona

The lender will put a lien on the title while the borrower is paying off the loan. This means that the lender will become the legal owner of the vehicle until the borrower pays off the loan. The borrower remains the registered owner of the vehicle.


Benefits of Auto title loans in Tucson Arizona

The main benefit to a title loan is that the borrower has the privilege of using the vehicle while paying off the loan. The vehicle doesn’t have to be kept in a garage somewhere by the lender. This increases buyer confidence to pay back the loan tenfold. Why, because the buyer will be able to use the vehicle for work or to get to work.

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These days many people use their vehicles to earn a living. Many people are doing Uber and Lyft full time and also part time to make money on the side. The benefit to Uber and Lyft is that you decide your own hours. This makes it very flexible to do Uber or Lyft around your job. You could also do your day job during the day and deliver food at night for extra income.

Military Exclusion

As of October 3rd, 2016 –Title Loans are PROHIBITED to active service members, reservists, or any dependents thereof in the military.

Title loans are available all throughout the great state of Arizona.