Title Loan Requirements For Most Title Loan lenders

Not all lender follow the exact same guidelines with their Title Loan Requirements.

Title Loan Requirements
Title Loan Requirements

This is a basic list of what most lender’s require. These are the guidelines that we follow. You will need to bring in the following:

1. Identification. Valid driver’s license and social security card.

2. Title (pink slip). You must own the vehicle free and clear. Current registration.

3. Insurance. Liability and Comprehensive,

4. Vehicle market value of $4000.00 or more.

5. Proof of Employment or Income.

6. Proof of Residence. Lease, utility bill, phone bill for your current address.

7. Spare key.

Some lenders will not require that you own the vehicle free and clear and will even pay off the balance. Many lender will also require to have a GPS Tracking Device inside the vehicle. As of January 1st, 2013 the lender has to get written consent from the borrower in order to do this. If you are in need of a title loan you are in good hands with us. Please fill out our loan application or you can call Greg at (310)433-4625. We will get back to you asap.