Test Driving Tips for Sellers to follow for a Smooth Deal

Test Driving Tips
Test Driving Tips

Test driving with a customer can be kind of anxiety provoking when you think about it.

You have never met this person in your life and you’re getting behind the wheel with them. I’ve complied a list of test driving tips for sellers when it comes to potential customers test driving a vehicle.


Always go along on the test drive: If you are selling a car always make sure to go along on the test drive. Some insurance policies will not cover the driver or the vehicle if the carrier of the insurance policy is not in the vehicle.

If you are not in the car you don’t know how that person is driving your vehicle and what they are doing. They could be out there driving like a mechanic. It is not wise to give a stranger complete control of something you will be liable for if something were to occur.

Another reason a seller should go along on the test drive is so they can direct the driver where to go and be more in control of the length of time the test drive goes on for. I have allowed potential customers to go on test drives by themselves and they don’t come back until an hour later. They’ve even driven the car to their house and showed it to their family during the test drive. When they don’t come back after fifteen minutes I begin to fear that they stole the car.

Always make sure to check the potential buyers drivers license before you hand over the keys. If you get pulled over with a driver who doesn’t have a drivers license the car immediately gets impounded in California.

Please follow these tips sellers. If you’re selling a car or appraising one for a car title loan, following these test driving tips will make the whole process much more pleasant.