New Ignition Override Law in California for Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

Starting today January 1st, 2013 California AB1447 goes into effect regarding ignition override.

Ignition Override
Ignition Override

One of the new laws is in regards to ignition override systems placed in vehicles without the customers consent.

This new bill has several news laws which buy here pay here car dealers now have to abide by. According to




  • Prohibits a buy-here-pay-here dealer from disabling a vehicle it sold using ignition override technology unless the dealer meets the following requirements and classifies a violation as a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1,000 (Sec. 4)
  • Notifies the buyer in writing at the time of the sale that the vehicle is equipped with ignition override technology; and
  • Uses ignition override technology that informs the driver at least 120 hours in advance and every time the vehicle is started that the vehicle will be made inoperable in no less than 120 hours.

It just keeps getting harder and harder to be a buy here pay here used car dealer in California. If Used Car dealers in California aren’t having it hard enough. These last two years have been the worst. Just this year another law went into effect where a dealer has to disclose and have the customer sign a used vehicle history disclosure.

So why are they making it tougher and tougher every year for used car dealers in California. Is it because so many Used Car Dealers have been so unethical in their dealings that enough unsatisfied customer made a stink about it?

Do people just consider used car dealers the scum of the earth. People who don’t contribute any positive influence to the economy. It sure seems that way. First of all putting an ignition override system in a car is stupid. The dealer disable the ignition, and the customer usually doesn’t know what’s going on, and will most likely call a tow truck, and take the car to a shop. If they do know what’s going on they can damage the car, or set it on fire in anger.

Any dealer should know prior to this law going into effect that a GPS System was the way to go. Dealers never disclosed it, and customers had no idea the GPS tracking systems were even in the car. The repo man would come pick up the car, and the customer would have no idea that is was due to being located by the GPS System. I’d never even heard of anybody using an ignition override system. If repossessing someone’s car doesn’t make them angry enough, imagine how upset someone will be when you disable their ignition.

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