Good Vibes Auto Sales Used Car Dealer in North Hollywood

used car dealer north hollywood
used car dealer north hollywood

We get asked sometimes if we an recommend a used car dealer in North Hollywood, CA Since many of our customers live within that vicinity. If you are looking for a vehicle between $3,000 to $7,000 we recommend Good Vibes Auto Sales. They carry a nice selection of cars, trucks, and vans. Not only do they carry family vans, but commercial vans as well.


They strive no being gimmick, and hassle free. No hard sell at this place. You can feel comfortable browsing the cars with no pressure. They’re very relaxed. Most of the cars are priced pretty low because Good Vibes Auto Sales mainly sells their cars for cash. They do a small amount of in-house financing, but are also able to arrange financing through a bank. They also take credit cards which is sometimes a better route to put the car on a credit card, and just make payments that way.

Good Vibes Auto Sales also will help you get auto repairs, and parts at wholesale prices, and is available to help you with future car questions, and concerns. So if you’re looking for a used car dealer in North Hollywood make sure to check them out.

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