California Dealers License Easy to acquire with cheap rent

I came across a great website on how to acquire a California Dealers License and the steps involved in order to do so. There are many advantages to having a California Dealers License. This has been a good business for quite sometime especially if you do Buy Here Pay Here Financing.

  • You can attend Dealer Only Wholesale Auctions and get really good deals on car.
  • You can sell as many cars as you want
  • You get Dealer’s license plates which allow you to legally drive around in any vehicle on your car lot.
  • You get wholesale prices from Auto body, Auto repair, smog, and parts places, and don’t have to pay any sales tax either.

There is a complete list on the requirements to get you California Dealers License. Some of them include:

  • City business license
  • Fingerprints
  • Sellers Permit

Some illegal dealer activities include the following

  • Not displaying a federal buyers guideĀ 
  • Employing unlicensed sales people
  • Misuse of Report of Sales
  • Misuse of Dealer Plates

If you want the really tasty information on how to acquire a retail dealers license in California and pay little overhead you will have to pay for it.


There is also a lot of free information on how to get started in buying and selling cars. Independent Auto Dealer Training.