Are you being denied credit wherever you go? try these options

Many consumers are being denied credit due to the bad economy.

Banks are much more conservative on who they lend money too. Millions of Americans get their credit destroyed for several reasons. Bankruptcy, Medical Bills, this country hasn’t been in this bad shape since the great depression. If you’re constantly being denied credit expect any lender to take a risk on you to charge sky high interest rates.

denied credit

Buy Here Pay Here car lots, Title loan, and payday loan lenders all charge very high interest rates because of the amount of risk involved. It’s in times like these that we reflect on our life, and see what types of changes we can make to face a brighter future. Sometimes certain situations aren’t working out but we are afraid to let go in fear that we will lose something.

High Interest lenders expect their customers to have bad credit. Some don’t even do credit checks. What they are really looking for is a source of income. You see this slogan often at Buy here pay here dealers “Your job is your credit” Whether you have a job or get income from unemployment, SSI, disability, etc. You should have no problem getting a loan from these high interest lenders. is the number one referral source for title loan and payday loan services. If you are in need of one of these types of loans and reside in the greater Los Angeles County area please fill out our bad credit loan application and someone will get back to you asap. You can also call Greg at (310)433-4625.